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Live Butterfly Garden

Live Butterfly Garden: Teach Your Children Science and Nature

Children are like sponges, they love to learn new things and they love to learn through actions. Especially those that have their involvement in the process.
You can teach your children about science by going out to science museum or by little experiments around the house.
You can teach your children about nature by going out to parks or zoo.
You can teach your children about nature and give them a memories of a lifetime at once, by giving them the live experience with Live Butterfly Garden.

What is Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden?

live butterfly garden

live butterfly garden

Insect Lore  Live Butterfly Garden Kit is a fascinating kits that comes with a relatively easy-to-assemble observation chamber.The chamber is made of a transparent mesh that will let you see butterfly metamorphosis up close.

Product includes easy-to-use feeder and complete instructions for habitat. Butterfly larvae with food shipped directly to your home.

It also include informative booklet of clear instructions and butterfly facts; and a certificate for three to five free painted lady caterpillars. The metamorphosis from larva to butterfly takes about three weeks from when you receive the caterpillar larvae (which arrive in a small container with all the nutrients they need).

With  Live Butterfly Garden, your children can watch the larvae increase dramatically in size, form chrysalides, and finally emerge into full-fledged painted ladies (it's suggested that they release the butterflies after a few days of observation). This would make a wonderful activity for families with kids of any age, but younger children will need help assembling the observation chamber and reading the instruction booklet.

With Live Butterfly Garden you will be able to see a caterpillars transition as it matures, changes into a chrysalid, and finally emerges as a Painted Lady butterfly! After observing your butterflies, you and your children can experience the joy of releasing them into your backyard!

Buy Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden?

Where can I buy Live Butterfly Garden you might ask?

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden is a well known products for kids, you can buy directly to toys shops or at toys'r us.

But for more convenient you can also buy the Live Butterfly Garden online.

Well, we have researched all around the internet and find there are a lot of websites that sells Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden. One of the websites that we highly recommend for you to buy from, is from Amazon.

Amazon is a well know merchant and has a very good reputation. Their pricing are hard to beat and they deliver goods in a great condition.

Click at the picture on the right to get Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden that currently on discount at

Other than buying the Butterfly Garden Kit, you can also buy the Live Butterfly Certificate. The certificate can be redeemed for live caterpillar unit that completes the Butterfly Garden and other live butterfly kits. You can buy it if you simply want additional butterflies to really fill your habitat with wonderful wings!

More about Live Butterfly Garden - The Benefits of Live Butterfly Garden Kit

If you are looking for a creative way to bring nature into the home in order to teach your children about science, you’ll want to explore the benefits of a live butterfly garden.  Children love to learn.  At a young age, a child’s brain is like a sponge, ready to soak up any information presented to them.  However, children tend to learn best when they can enjoy a lesson in a hands-on fashion.  Furthermore, it is ideal to find a lesson in which the whole family can participate.  When teaching children about science, it is beneficial to use the abundance of nature all around.

Taking children on nature hikes, visiting ponds and lakes to discuss the natural habitats of the animals dwelling in such places, and even taking field trips to the zoo to discuss how animals live are all excellent ways to present scientific material to children.  However, many parents are seeking ways to present information to their children in a fun creative way without even leaving the home.  Many families are enjoying the benefits a live butterfly garden provides in teaching children many lessons.

buy live butterfly garden

A live butterfly garden allows a child to observe the many stages a butterfly goes through from larvae to caterpillar to butterfly.  With live butterfly garden kits on the market, parents can display these stages in their own home.  The live butterfly garden kit, such as the Live Butterfly Garden by Insect Lore, comes with a habitat that is reusable and collapsible.  The kit also comes with a feeder, instructions, and a mail-in voucher for five caterpillar larvae.  The mesh-net habitat is ideal for observing the larvae as they increase in size, develop chrysalides, turn into caterpillars, and eventually emerge into beautiful painted ladies.  The three-week process is a wonder for young children to observe, and parents can use the many changes to teach children about science and nature right before their children’s eyes.

In addition to providing a means for parents to explore the wonders of science and nature with their children, a live butterfly garden can also be a teaching tool for the metaphors of life.  Children learn that they, too, grow and develop through different stages.  They go through changes, just as butterflies do, and eventually, they grow up to explore new adventures.  Children learn to care for their larvae by feeding them and observing them, and they then learn to set their butterflies free after the process is complete.  Many children learn valuable emotional lessons, along with lessons in science and nature.

For parents looking for a fun and creative way to bring nature and science into the home, the benefits a live butterfly garden provides are phenomenal.  Children love learning in a hands-on manner, and they enjoy observing nature around them.  Moreover, a live butterfly garden can be used to teach life lessons that will be sure to stick with children forever.  If you are looking for a wonderful experience the whole family can enjoy, you’ll want to explore a live butterfly garden today!

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